When you stand at a crossroads; when your strategy is still unclear and/or needs to be redefined; when the company becomes restricted by its environment or its own limitations.

“You inspired us to look both inward and forward. Working with you has been a real eye-opener. We made time to discuss substantive issues, even beyond immediate company matters and business strategy.”
“The main point for me, as a manager of the company, was being able to discuss thoroughly and without restraint all matters relating to the management of the company during a highly sensitive period.”

When you need to tackle difficulties – especially recurring ones – caused by outdated or inadequate operational methods.

“You performed in-depth work that no one else could do. Everyone else was too set in their own certainties.”
“Without your invaluable assistance we would not have been able to synthesise our systems of work and fit together all the pieces of the puzzle”

When you know which strategy should be implemented but you have doubts and/or are unable to come to an agreement on how to implement it, especially when it requires profound changes in operating modes and behaviours.

“We completed our restructuring process in 9-10 months when it could have taken up to 3 years.”
“You helped us connect realities on the ground with a broader vision of operations.”
“Your method helped everyone trust in the process, and trust was not a given to begin with.”

When you want to promote team cohesion and prepare the social body for changes ahead.

“You were the catalysts for the integration of the two companies.”
“You helped us gain an overall vision of the company that we did not have; a comprehensive vision. ”
“We might not have gotten where we are today. From one end of the scale to the other, we were able to implement projects and guidelines set with your help.”

When you need to engage people in dialogue and make sure they produce a shared output despite their cultural differences or their contradictory approaches and/or interests.

“Now people feel free to talk.” “Many people are more attuned to what is being said.”
“We were able to speak more freely, express more aggressive criticism, the language was more authentic, less permeated by anxieties.”