To get a clearer picture

  • Identify issues, gain a better understanding of operational processes and what drives them, examine the various elements at play and learn how to deal with them
  • Broaden your focus, gain perspective and reveal new prospects for a more accurate global vision
  • Identify the building blocks for progress; find the anchor points

To strengthen internal ties within the company and external relations with its environment

  • Invigorate the relationship between the company and its environment (customers, employees, shareholders)
  • Promote a friendly working environment and the pride of shared accomplishment
  • Materialise corporate culture and values, bringing them out so they can be seen and shared by all
  • Encourage people to take part; stimulate desire

To harness individual resources

  • Use greater cooperation and problem-solving methods to reduce line losses
  • Encourage individual initiative and collective creativity, make the most of staff motivation
  • Bring better coherence to work processes; select mutually reinforcing courses of action; find connection points

To pass a turning point

  • Find simple actions to help the company move forward and, as the English say, “be supportive”
  • Do so whilst preserving individual integrity
  • Go back to the company’s basics: build on solid internal bases, support the company as it builds its own tools; find new resources

To save time

  • Look for shortcuts and find new paths
  • Make transitions smoother by initiating a collective motion
  • Address the issues raised gradually as projects evolve

To bring back a taste for achievement and entrepreneurship

  • Ensure that everyone is able to give their best, both individually and as a group
  • Create conditions to enable people to fulfil their potential in situations that seemed unattainable to them previously
  • Building trust and determination