Today we have a New Moon in Virgo ;-)

Today we have a New Moon in Virgo ;-)

New Moon In Virgo – The Grasshopper and the Ant

In a year, we have at least one New Moon in each sign of the zodiac. The New Moon in Virgo is our once-in-a-year opportunity to embrace the Virgo energy and focus on the Virgo area of our chart.

It’s late August, so we are now moving out of the Leo season into the Virgo season. If Leo is a holiday season, Virgo is the “go back to work” season. Ask a Leo to do something they don’t feel like doing. That’s a direct threat to their identity, and the answer is of course, no. Leo waits for the right moment to arrive. Virgo just gets on with things.

Leo wants to feel good before doing something. Virgo feels good after it gets the job done.

Doing what feels right is of course a great thing – that’s why Leo rules over joy and pleasure. But if everything we do is sourced in joy and pleasure, we’ll eventually get stuck (Leo is a fixed sign). That’s why we need a mutable sign (Virgo) to move that Leo energy out of its comfort zone.

We all have something to learn from Virgo. Virgo doesn’t wait for the right moment. Virgo doesn’t wait for things to feel right. Virgo just does what needs to be done.

Virgo is associated with duty, service and responsibility, and these words have a bit of a negative connotation, or at least feel unpleasant. However, ‘duty’ can be a great thing: nothing compares to that feeling of accomplishing something of value.

New Moon In Virgo – The Aspects 

The New Moon is at 4°04 Virgo and it is square Mars at 4°01 in Gemini.

This is a very tense square. Mars squares usually blow a fuse or two. Since Virgo and Gemini are both Mercury-ruled, the source of irritation may be a conversation or some other type of information exchange. At the New Moon, we may hear some news that get our blood boiling.

Virgo doesn’t argue for the sake of arguing. Virgo wants to put things into good use. But like with all (complex) things in life, there’s always a bottleneck somewhere, something that undermines our efforts and good intentions.

The goal of the New Moon in Virgo square Mars is to identify and fix that bottleneck.

What is it that is irritating you, slowing you down, or stopping you from making progress? 

Thankfully, the ruler of the New Moon, Mercury, is part of a nice grand trine with Mars and Pluto. Whatever Mars triggers, it will eventually be put into good Virgo use. Sometimes we need to have those uncomfortable discussions to clear things out and move forward.

The New Moon in Virgo is also a good time to move from thinking to actually doing. If something is bothering you, do something about it. If you have a big plan, put it into practice. Whatever you do, take action. There’s no way to escape this intense Mars energy, so rather than having things happen to you, you want to be intentional about your actions.

New Moon In Virgo – The Bigger Picture 

The New Moon in Virgo is not only an opportunity to take action (Mars) to improve something (Virgo) in your life.

The New Moon in Virgo is an invitation to ask yourself some greater questions. 

How can you incorporate more of the common-sense, productive, service-oriented Virgo energy into your life?

Almost every aspect of our life would benefit from Virgo’s service-oriented nature.

If you feel demotivated at work for example, consider how your job helps others. Research studies have shown again and again that service to others is at the very heart of creating meaning and purpose in one’s life.

When we use our time and resources well, we add meaning to our life. When we create value to others, we always get something back, because nothing gets unnoticed in the grand scheme of things. It may not happen tomorrow, but it will eventually happen.

Another thing to consider is how your everyday actions and activities add (or don’t add) value.

Take a look at your everyday activities, at work or in your private life. Does that online research help you achieve your goals, or is it just another rabbit-hole distraction? On the other hand, some seemingly ‘waste of time’ activities like going for a 1 hour walk do bring a lot of value – from well being, mental clarity, to long term health benefits.

Whenever you do something, remember to put your discerning Virgo hat on. 

Let’s say you want to attend a group call. Before you hit the “accept” button, ask yourself “Do I benefit from this live interaction?”.

If the call has breakout rooms and you get to participate, bounce back ideas, build relationships, or make group decisions, then that’s a good reason to attend. But if you’re just vaguely interested in the topic, you’re much better off skimming through the meeting notes.

When I recently looked at my tasks with a Virgo eye, I realized that there are very specific activities – that take only 5% of my time – that create the greatest value. Surprise (not surprise) doing that 5% is uncomfortable, because things that move the needle usually require intense focus and problem solving.

However, just like in the grasshopper and the ant story – it always pays off to be productive, to be of service, and to create value. Virgo energy may be less sexy than Leo, Libra, or Scorpio – yet embodying it makes all the difference and helps us live a life of meaning and purpose.

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